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Talk or Text: (347) 746-7334

You have Arrived on Teshuvah Road,

a Ministry that is Positively Dealing with Addiction,

in a Refreshing & Redefined new way;

with Truth, Hope & Facts that will FREE you

for the Rest of your Life.

We can help lead you out of any addiction.  

Addiction is a Spiritual Problem

that Demands a Spiritual Solution!


It's only through the renewing of your mind

and the transformation of your soul, that addiction ends.  



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PLEASE NOTE:  We work with individuals & families who speak English in any Country around the World,

via Voxer,

(a Free Audio APP for your SmartPhone or Tablet),

as well as with


(a Skype type program)

Email Support too.

For I am the LORD who heals you. 

(Ex 15:26)


Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.

(Romans 12:12)



Compassionate & Empathetic Individualized Bible Based Addiction Support

available to all English speaking people around the globe.  

We work with anyone - directly or indirectly affected by addiction.



For us, this is a mission...a calling...our promise to God, to help you.  

It's not about money!  

With that understood, the cost to you is your comfortable donation of any size.



Support is provided via a free audio app called Voxer 

which you can download FREE on your Smart Phone.  


                   Check Voxer out. With Voxer, we can stay in touch 24/7




Uplifting!  No Disease Theories!  No disturbing meetings or sponsors!    No steps!

No name tagging of being an 'addict' because it simply isn't true!  



We make ourselves available to you 24/7.







"He Heals the Brokenhearted and Binds up Their Wounds." (Psalm 147:3)


We accomplish support and healing through Bible Based Life Coaching,

Biblical Counseling, Teaching, Mentoring & Paying it Forward!


   Christ Centered!  Uplifting!  Relaxing!  Encouraging!  Respectful!


    *God's Ways Work...End of Story*


Our Unique Secret to Success is Accomplished Through:


    1 - A Relationship with the One True Living God, the Name abover all names -

        Jesus, our Lord, our God, our Risen Messiah

    2 - A 30 Day Challenge that will change your life forever

    3 - Highly Skilled and focused Christian Life Coaching

    4 - Balanced Non-Denominational Biblical Counseling

    5 - Balanced Teaching

    6 - Mentoring

    7 - Providing Godly Hope & Support

    8 - Learning how to pay it forward for a life filled with rewards & purpose

    9 - Tailored to each Individual because there's only one of you



Begin The 30 Day Transformational Challenge & Heal for a Lifetime!


100% Success Rate Guaranteed...IF you choose to do it 100% His (God's) Way



Teshuvah Road is a ministry which  is a Doctrinally Sound & a Balanced Non-Demoninational Bible Based Alternative Support System, which Promotes & Provides the way to A TOTAL END to All Addictions through the Promises of God, using highly skilled ChristIan Life Coaching Techniques, Sound Biblical Counseling, Mentoring and Teaching.  We stand firm in the fact that our Biblically Based alternative Method to the unsuccesful Revolving Door Methods of the 12 Steps, Must be Offered.  We are Open to People of ALL Faiths.  Our only Requirement is that you come to us fully detoxed, and...either a born again saved believer or at least be open to receiving the One God of all Creation.  Without God, there is no lasting healing.


Please be advised that we are not a licensed conventional medically supervised drug and alcohol detox or rehab facility.  

We are not a replacement for life saving medical care or for proper medically supervised detox.  Proper medically supervised detox is required prior to us working with you in order to provide you with the best possible outcome.



Bill & Dina Perkins

PO Box 145

Hot Springs, MT  59845

Phone: 347.746.7334 (talk or text)


Addiction is a Spiritual Problem which Demands a Spiritual Solution.  



"For I Am the Lord who Heals you". (Exodus 15:26)






Time is Running Out!  Waiting is Lethal.

No one purposely dies from an accidental overdose.  

It happens suddenly and without warning.

Please love yourself enough to not let it happen to you!













As our country and world is changing rapidly against God, we have chosen not to register as a federal 501c3 at this time; however, we are a registered non-profit corporation, with the Secretary of State, in Montana.  We do not wish to invite any government control (via a 501c3) over our ministry which may compromise our mission. We have had to make this choice, in order to be able to share the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ without boundaries and limitations that both currently exist and could be created by the government of the United States to negatively impact the power of our mission in Christ.  Just as there is 'separation of Church & state' within our government, we believe this must be carried forward in Godly ministries as well.  We just trust God to supply all of our needs and He does!

There's a meaningful new life

just waiting for you...

with a future made of  hope.  

All you need is

the desire to choose to have it.


Give yourself the chance to choose!

God is all about many 2nd Chances,


and a past that's wiped clean :-)

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Does Addiction have a hold on you?  It doesn't have to.  The 'disease' theory is yesterday's news.  You don't need steps, meetings or sponsors.  All you need is God and His healing to be set free.  You can choose to change today.