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We can help you - from your home - with any Addiction; however, we specialize in Iatrogenic Addiction.......

the Addiction caused by the Prescriptions  your Doctor gave you...the Doctor you Trusted with your Life!

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Welcome to the Entire Truth about Addiction

You go to your trusted doctor with complaints of pain, chronic headaches, body aches, discomfort, moodiness, depression, anxiety, emptiness, apathy, or something similar.  You're given medication(s) and trust that your doctor is looking out for your best interest...never thinking that what he or she prescribed would one day bite you back.  You were told not to question your physician, so you don't.  You've been told that 'the doctor knows best' and so you comply.


It's a few weeks later and the little relief you felt in the beginning, has now progressed to increased symptoms that are now intolerable.  You go back to your trusted doctor and he/she increases the dosage.  A few weeks later, same thing.  The doctor adds some new medications.  Symptoms don't subside, so you stop taking the meds...never suspecting that you feel oh so sick when you stop them.  You quickly find that if you resume taking them, that dark ugly feeling goes away.  Now, your symptoms are still worse but that 'sickness' doesn't come back as long as you continue taking your prescriptions.  A new monster has been created.  Now, all you're concerned about is not getting 'sick', so you keep taking those meds.  In fact, you find if you increase them on your own, you're feeling a tad bit better.  You start to find out that you keep needing more and more meds in order to feel 'normal'; however, you don't remember what 'normal' is anymore.  You don't know what to do and your doctor has no answers.  Now what?


It's a few months...a year...maybe a couple of years later, and your life is all about getting those pills, taking those pills, counting those pills and staying ahead of getting 'sick'.  Nothing else matters.  While your life was once about working, family, friends, activities, it's about those pills.  One day, you feel so sick that you have chest pain, hallucinations, feelings as though 'things' are crawling all over your body, you can't eat, you can't move your bowels, you can't hold your urine, you feel impending doom.  This is the day you never ever want to reach; it's the beginning of the end called withdrawal that leads to accidental overdose. It happened to me. I happens to someone here in the US...every 19 minutes and they die.  It's from prescription drugs that you 'trusted' doctor gave you.  This doctor knew these drugs would ultimately shut down your organs, shatter your mind and cause your untimely death.  Your doctor sees life differently.  Your doctor knows that this is the risk but never once told you.  The would ruin business!


Your Addiction Had a Beginning when you Chose it - from your Doctor or Dealer.  


With Rx drug addiction, it most probably began with your trusted doctor...but you were still had a choice!


Rx drugs will (now or later) take your life.  You need to Choose to get Free.


TODAY It Can Have A Final END!  IT'S SIMPLY A CHOICE...not a disease!


The days of the disease theory is over, done & gone - a theory now proven to be wrong.  Don't let your doctor lie to you.  Rehab is also big business.


Don't you owe it to yourself to finally begin living the life you Choose to have? While we minister to ALL who come to us in the chains of addiction, we Specialize in:


Rx Drug Addiction also known as IATROGENIC ADDICTION, and all other Addictions, all arising from Emotional, Psychological Abuse, Physical Abuse, Family Breakdown & Trauma.


"He Heals the Brokenhearted and Binds up Their Wounds."  (Psalm 147:3)


We offer you an enjoyable and uplifting way to completely recover from addiction that lasts a entire lifetime...from the comfort of your home.


We accomplish this through Bible Based Life Coaching, Biblical Counseling, Teaching, Mentoring & Paying it Forward!


Bible Based!  Christ Centered!  Relaxing!


God's Ways Work...End of Story.


Our Unique Secret to Success is Accomplished Through:


    1 - A Relationship with the One True Living God, the Name abover all names - Jesus, our Lord, our God, our  Messiah

    2 - A 30 Day Challenge that will change your life forever

    3 - Highly Skilled and focused Christian Life Coaching

    4 - Balanced Non-Denominational Biblical Counseling

    5 - BalancedTeaching

    6 - Mentoring

    7 - Providing Godly Hope which Permanently Heals

    8 - Learning how to pay it forward for a life filled with rewards & purpose

    9 - Tailored to each Individual because there's only one of you



Take The 2nd Chances 30 Day Challenge & Heal for a Lifetime!


100% Success Rate Guaranteed...IF you choose to do it 100%  His Way!
























One person DIES every 19 minutes from accidental prescription drug overdose.  

This is more than those who die from heroin and cocaine combined.

Over half of the dead, were given these drugs for pain, anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD, nervousness, etc....... by their Doctor.  


Accidental Prescription Overdose is the #1 Cause of Accidental Death in the US

These stats now take over the #1 spot that used to be motor vehicle crashes.



























Teshuvah Road is a ministry which  is a Doctrinally Sound & a Balanced Non-Demoninational Bible Based Alternative Support System, which Promotes & Provides the way to A TOTAL END to All Addictions through the Promises of God, using highly skilled ChristIan Life Coaching Techniques, Sound Biblical Counseling, Mentoring and Teaching.  We stand firm in the fact that our Biblically Based alternative Method to the unsuccesful Revolving Door Methods of the 12 Steps, Must be Offered.  We are Open to People of ALL Faiths.  Our only Requirement is that you come to us fully detoxed, and...either a born again saved believer or at least be open to receiving the One God of all Creation.  Without God, there is no lasting healing.


Please be advised that we are not a licensed conventional medically supervised drug and alcohol detox or rehab facility.  

We are not a replacement for life saving medical care or for proper medically supervised detox.  Proper medically supervised detox is required prior to us working with you in order to provide you with the best possible outcome.


Just because your doctor - or any doctor prescribed it, doesn't make it any less lethal and doesn't excuse your doctor.


Bill & Dina Perkins

PO Box 145

Hot Springs, MT  59845

Phone: 347.746.7334 / 406.407.7193


Addiction is a Spiritual Problem which Demands a Spiritual Solution.  





Have you not known?

Have you not heard?

The everlasting God, the Lord,

The Creator of the ends of the earth,

Neither faints nor is weary.

His understanding is unsearchable.

He gives POWER to the weak,

And to those who have no might He increases strength.

Even the youths shall faint and be weary,

And the young men shall utterly fall,

But those who wait on the Lord

Shall renew their strength;

They shall mount up with wings like eagles,

They shall run and not be weary,

They shall walk and not faint.

(Isiah 40: 28-31)


"For I Am the Lord who Heals you".

(Exodus 15:26)



                      We thank you for your faithful Prayers and Financial Support.


















Time is Running Out!   Waiting is Lethal.  No one purposely dies from accidental overdose.  It happens suddenly and without warning.






The best way to prevent the insanity of Rx Drug Addiction is NOT to accept addictive types of Prescriptions from your doctor!  Search Alternative therapies.

Your Doctor is Nothing More than just another human being who:

1)  may be ill advised

2)  may not care

3)  may not know or may not be taking CE credits

4)  or, as is currently happening, he or she just may like lots of money as (unfortunately) much of the world's called GREED!




If you are foolish enough to have these drugs around, LOCK THEM UP.  Kids Steel these drugs out of homes.  If you don't choose to protect yourself, at least protect your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and neighbors' children.









































As our country and world is changing rapidly against God, we have chosen not to register as a federal 501c3 at this time; however, we are a registered non-profit corporation, with the Secretary of State, in Montana.  We do not wish to invite any government control (via a 501c3) over our ministry which may compromise our mission. We have had to make this choice, in order to be able to share the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ without boundaries and limitations that both currently exist and could be created by the government of the United States to negatively impact the power of our mission in Christ.  Just as there is 'separation of Church & state' within our government, we believe this must be carried forward in Godly ministries as well.  We just trust God to supply all of our needs and He does!











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